Crushed Shape Soluble Bentonite Cat Litter

Crushed soluble bentonite cat litter is mainly made of bentonite containing more than 85% montmorillonite, various minerals and organic matter, it is a series of caking and soluble cat litter with super deodorization and low dust.



Raw material natural bentonite Absorption speed 3 seconds
Diameter 1-2.8MM Deodorization rate 98%min
Shape crushed shape Moisture 4%max
Bulk density 800 kg / m³ Dust rate 2%max


98% Odor Sealed

The biggest problem for cat owners is smell. Crushed soluble bentonite cat litter covers and kills up to 99% of odors.

98% Dust Free

Dust is not only for cats, but also for cat owners. crushed soluble bentonite cat litter does not have this problem because its raw materials are completely ecological and healthy.

Crushed Shape Soluble Bentonite Cat Litter

3 Seconds Clumping

Cat urine can quickly cover cat litter as long as the clumping is quick. In that cat, the smell can’t get outside and cat litter is very economical.

Natural Materials

Crushed soluble bentonite cat litter uses natural substances and is safe for humans and cats. At the same time, natural materials can guarantee the stability of quality.

New Technology

In the market, factories use traditional techniques to produce crushed soluble bentonite cat litter. But the new technology we use can save waste and increase efficiency.

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Crushed Shape Soluble Bentonite Cat Litter


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