Best Selling Tofu Cat Litter In Europe

Tofu cat litter is made from soybean residue, cornstarch and guar gum, and is a biodegradable and environmentally friendly cat litter. It can be flushed down the toilet or buried in the garden as fertilizer. This requires no extra work to process them. Soy cat litter absorbs cat urine very quickly and can clump together. Cat owners can easily scoop them out.


Tofu cat litter is a columnar sand made of tofu residue as the main raw material, mixed with cornstarch, vegetable binders and deodorants, with fewer footprints and good pet feet. Fragrance and deodorization, non-toxic, no dust, fast absorption, faster and harder agglomeration, dig out the agglomerates and flush them into the toilet or garden as fertilizer, biodegradable, no need to dispose of garbage. One of today’s newest eco-friendly cat litter.

Best Selling Tofu Cat Litter In Europe

Tofu cat litter is a new type of cat litter that is popular all over the world. It is made from pea fiber and starch, vegetable gums. It is an alternative to silicone cat litter and bentonite cat litter.

1. Natural, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, harmless to pets.

2. Super water absorption rate ≥ 300%, not easy to agglomerate and scoop out.

3. 99.5% dust-free, less track and long service life. economical use.

4. Odor control, multiple colors and fragrance options.

5. Flush into toilet or garden as natural fertilizer.

Best Selling Tofu Cat Litter In Europe


Moisture: ≤12%

Odor: Fragrant, or add lavender flavor according to customer requirements

Appearance: diameter 2.5-3.5mm, length 3~10mm, white cylinder.

Water absorption: 300%

Density: 500-600g/l

Compressive strength: 900g

20ml water agglomeration test: 35-40g per piece has good agglomeration

Different flavors: Original, Peach, Lavender, Green Tea, Lemon, Apple, Strawberry, Rose, Milk, Coffee, or as customer’s request.


It can make different types of packaging types, plastic bags, woven bags. 5L, 6L, 7L, 8L, 10L, 2.5kg, 3kg, 4kg, 10kg.

OEM can design according to your own brand.

Factory and certificate:

We have completed BSCI, CTI, ISO certificates, which proves our good quality.

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Best Selling Tofu Cat Litter In Europe


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