2022 New Quick Caking Pet Cat Litter

2022 new quick caking pet cat litter is made with natural crushed bentonite, so it is less dusty than regular bentonite. Purple minerals are rare in the market and their deodorizing ability is excellent.


2022 New quick caking pet cat litter packing and shipping our service we can do OEM, ODM for you. If you have your own bag design, please send the AI file to us, we will make plate and produce the bag for you according to your bag design. If you are interested in our products, please leave your message. Our staff will contact you in time.

Product Details
Product name 2022 New quick caking pet cat litter
Material 100% sodium bentonite
Shape Irregular/broken
Color Yellow white or blue white
Size 1-3mm or 0.5-2mm
Density 0.8-0.9g/ml
Water <9%
Water adsorption >400%
Compression strength 9.9N min
Advantages Super clumping, strong odor control, low dust, natural fragrance
Scents Lemon, Lavender, Orange, Baby powder, Apple, Green tea, Jasmine, Rose, Coffee

2022 New Quick Caking Pet Cat Litter

New Technology

In the market, factories use traditional techniques to produce 2022 New quick caking pet cat litter. But the new technology we use can save waste and increase efficiency.

Natural Materials

Purple natural crushed bentonite cat litter uses natural substances and is safe for humans and cats. At the same time, natural materials can guarantee the stability of quality.

3 Seconds Clumping

Cat urine can quickly cover cat litter as long as the clumping is quick. In that cat, the smell can’t get outside and cat litter is very economical.

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2022 New Quick Caking Pet Cat Litter


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