What type of cat litter is best to use?

What type of cat litter is best to use?

For friends who like to keep cats, it is very important to choose a suitable cat litter. Whether it is for the owner or the cat, the right cat litter can save a lot of trouble. So what kind of cat litter is the most suitable?

Whether the cat litter is suitable mainly depends on the owner’s requirements and the cat’s own conditions. Some cats have poor respiratory tracts, so choose a dust-free cat litter. If your cat’s toilet is not double-layered, pine litter may not be suitable for your cat.

Each type of cat litter has its own advantages. Tofu cat litter is good for deodorizing. Bentonite cat litter clumps well. Even if it is all replaced with tofu cat litter, it is still possible.

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What type of cat litter is best to use?

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