How to unblock the toilet when the cat litter is blocked?

How to unblock the toilet when the cat litter is blocked?

With the development of the times, more and more families have started to keep pets to add fun to their lives. We all know that cats are very clean animals. The cat basically solves the toilet problem in the litter box. Most people choose to dump cat litter down the toilet as a quick solution when cleaning up. Therefore, the problem of cat litter blocking the toilet often occurs. So if the cat litter blocks the toilet, do you know how to unblock it?

1. Dissolve cat litter with acidic solubilizers

Generally, cat litter is alkaline. So we need to use some acidic products to dissolve cat litter, such as white vinegar. When we find that the toilet is clogged and pour white vinegar or acidic toilet cleaning liquid, we will see the cat litter slowly dissolve. Then we took a long stick and poked the water outlet until the cat litter was completely dissolved. The toilet is basically unblocked.

Caking Mineral Cat Litter

2. Steel wire toilet artifact

One of the best-selling products online is a flexible spring wire about five meters long. We use this artifact to unclog the toilet no matter what the toilet is blocked. Whether you have a cat or not, you can buy one of this artifact. When the cat litter blocked the toilet, we put the spring wire into the toilet hole, and then quickly shook the handle clockwise. This will bring out all the lumps of cat litter.

3. Wire-skin swipe toilet method

When the cat litter blocks the toilet, we can also use the leather stick to solve the problem of unblocking. Cat litter generally forms lumps when exposed to water. We can take a wire hanger and straighten it first. Put it in the toilet mouth and smash the cat litter hard. Then we can use the pistol to suck out the cat litter using the principle of air convection.

4. Eel processing method

This method is relatively expensive. We can go to the supermarket or wet market to buy two or three eels and throw them in the toilet. We poured a little water to stimulate it to drill down the pipe into the sewer. A not-too-hard blockage, like cat litter, usually does the trick.

How to unblock the toilet when the cat litter is blocked?

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